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Award Winning Services
  1. Concealed Carry Permit
    This is a 4 hour Class which covers the bases of firearm safety, basic local firearm laws, forms of conceal carrying, situation awareness, types of pistols, techniques of shooting and more. You have the option of taking the class only or with live fire at the range. After completing this class you will receive a certificate and application to apply for the Virginia in-state/ out-of-state conceal carry permit.
  2. Range Training
    Come join us for a fun and educational time. With safety first our instructors are focused on teaching you the in's and out's of accurately shooting a target. We train people for personal security and professional development. We can help improve your overall shooting skills, choose the right firearm for you and/or just simply getting your adrenaline rush with experiencing the different firearm options (rifles or pistols).
  3. Shoot /No Shoot Course
    If you have every watched the news and wondered how someone is convicted of crimes from defending themselves or loved ones, then this is the class for you. We teach you what you need to know when you decide to own a firearm. This class will outline great ways to respond to hostel situations with in your legal rights.
  4. Combative Training
    We have designed a class that is diverse in its teaching to fit everyone's personal needs. This class has no particular form of fighting. You will learn how to get out of holds,quick take down techniques, situation awareness and so much more. Our instructors are equip to give you a physical and mental work out to get you prepared for any personal attack. Try one class and you'll ask for more.
  5. Boxing Training
    Looking for a great work out and/or a non lethal personal protection! Try this training. You will be physically in shape and capable of being your own personal security. In this class you will learn to perfect your jabs and hooks, along with defensive techniques. Our instructors are more than qualified and determined to get you to a level of professional standards of boxing.
  6. Safety Seminar
    Firearm and other forms of lethal protection is not for you or you seek more knowledge! These classes are just what you need to become more safe in your daily life. You will to be taught how to keep yourself and loved ones out of harms way. We will give you knowledge to build your awareness of what NOT to do and WHAT to do on social media, at the grocery store, at the mall and even more importantly at home.